How does WellHaLo achieve this

Our foundation builds water wells and other structural improvements (bridges, medical posts) in the Gambia. For each well € 12000 is required. Through donations and sponsorship we want to collect as much money as possible. Sponsors who contribute more than two hundred and fifty euros per year will be listed on our site with their logo.

To raise more money we organize events. Early 2015 we organized a very successful music festival in Qbus in Leiden. This year we organised a funkparty and 3 July 2016 organised an Art-auction. We gained €1969,14!!!

Because of YOUR HELP we were able to build our first well in Kerr Sulay. In June 2015 the old well broke down. WellHaLo donated € 1300 to rebuild the well. The well is 17 meters deep, made by manpower only! No machines were used. We are very proud that the first part of the well is finished and that the people in Kerr Sulay have safe drinking water. Watch the pictures of the new water well! Thanks to your donations we were able to buy the solar panels and the watertanks. All we need now is more money to buy the electromotor and the water system to the houses. The solarpanels are very important. Free power to keep the well working will prevent the water from getting dirty and prevent that infectious bacteria and other parasites lay their eggs in the water well. So please keep donating!. We will organise more events this year, so keep watching our calendar!

Our aim:

WellHaLo was founded on 16 April 2014 with the aim of providing clean drinking-water to the Gambian population.