You can help the WellHaLofoundation and the East Gambian people in several ways.

  • We are very grateful for every donation you want to give us, big or small.
  • As a company you can sponsor us. When your donation is twohundred and fifty euro a year or more we will put your companylogo on our website.
  • We need volunteers to help us at our events.
  • You can raise money for our foundation. Ask your friends, family or co-workers to donate!
  • You can contact us when you want to help us or tell us your ideas. Send us an email!

The following companies helped us by donating materials or services. We are very thankful!

Do you have a great idea to help us? Please let us know and we will help you realise it!

Help us today!


Bankaccount: NL55 INGB 0006 5398 37
on behalf of: Stichting WellHaLo Foundation